Now appearing at the Blue Thai Martini Bar

Friday nights just got better in Cabo! Appearing at the Blue Thai Martini Bar from 6-8 pm on Friday nights is Lisa Saunders, appearing with Arturo Ramirez on piano and Zurisadai R. Franco on viola.

Cabo Rado Debut

Cabo Rado is back in Cabo San Lucas and debuting this Thursday night, 1/18 @ Fisherman’s Landing on the Marina (next to Breathless)! 

Lisa Saunders & Friends Show Off Their ‘Infatuación’

Her release party — also titled ‘Infatuación’ — came together Friday, September 29, featuring 20 guest musicians and 11 dancers…

Pagosa, Get Ready to Party!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to benefit Archuleta County senior citizens and programs, via the Archuleta Seniors Inc….

A Journey to Cabo San Lucas

The Inspector returned with paperwork in hand and sat down at his desk and started running his calculator…


I’m totally jazzed about the release of my new album, produced collaboratively by two amazing friends: DC Duncan and Geovan Olachea…




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